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Key Resources

The Key Resources page serves as a quick reference for IKC materials, campaigns, and other resources. Content will be updated frequently depending on current initiatives.

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Vaccine Fears Overturned by Facts Full Booklet PDF

Vaccine Highlight Cards

Vaccine Fears Overturned By Facts

Vaccines are life-saving. Vaccine misinformation can instill fear that prevents people from getting this crucial component of health care. The Vaccine Fears Overturned by Facts Booklet is a collaboration between Immunize Kansas Coalition and the creators of Back to the Vax, Heather Simpson and Lydia Greene. It's intended to be a factual rebuttal with personal stories to address common vaccine myths. Whether you're a parent, someone who has a fear of needles, or a clinician caring for patients on immunization day, this booklet is for you. Click the button below to view the booklet and other Vaccine Fears Overturned by Facts materials.

Vaccine Fears Overturned by Facts Full Booklet PDF

Vaccine Fears Overturned by Facts Key Facts

National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM)

August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). Throughout this month encourage those in your community to catch up on routine vaccinations, ultimately sharing the importance of following recommended immunization schedules throughout the lifetime. Below, find resources to share on your social networks.