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To financially support the work of IKC, you can donate via check, Facebook, or PayPal. See instructions for each below. For more information about long-term financial partnership or funding specific efforts and projects, email Executive Director, Geovannie Gone at [email protected].

Mail a Check (preferred)

It is helpful for us to know if you plan to mail a check so we can be on the lookout for it! Send an email to Executive Director, Geovannie Gone at [email protected] letting her know you will be making a donation to IKC and if you will require a receipt. Make your check out to Immunize Kansas Coalition, Inc.

Mail the check to:
    Immunize Kansas Coalition
    800 SW Jackson St
    Ste 618 #567
    Topeka, KS 66612


Facebook does not charge any fees for donations given through their platform. Options are available for one-time gifts and recurring gifts. From the IKC profile page, click the blue Donate button.


Note: PayPal charges a ~3% fee for donations given to IKC through their platform.