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Shutting the Door on HPV Cancers

IKC Shutting The Door On HPV

Shutting the Door on HPV Cancers

Estimated time to complete: 25-30 minutes
Audience: Healthcare Providers and Teams

After taking this module you will be able to:

  • Explain why HPV vaccine is important enough to be routinely recommended for young people (i.e., HPV cancer prevention).
  • Give an HPV vaccination recommendation that is effective and succinct using the same way, same day approach to the introduction of HPV vaccine.
  • Answer the most frequently asked questions about HPV vaccine accurately and succinctly.

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Shutting the Door on HPV Cancers

  • Get your staff on the same page with recommending the HPV vaccine - and increase your immunization rates! Use the IKC Shutting the Door on HPV Cancers education module to educate all clinic staff on HPV and the HPV vaccine. Find the module at
  • The HPV vaccine is our best defense against HPV cancers. Healthcare providers and staff can use the IKC Shutting the Door on HPV Cancers education module to learn how to recommend the HPV vaccine and answer patient questions. Find the module at