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Through a grant with, IKC launched the tools in the NRC-RIM Honest Conversations Toolkit to amplify immunization stories from Kansans, particularly those in refugee, immigrant, and migrant (RIM) communities.

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Honest Conversations
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Honest Conversations Video Series

Hispanic Heritage Month Campaign

Desiree Luevano-Pedroza

Desiree Luevano-Pedroza, College Student

Talking about immunizations

"Proud to be vaccinated and happy to have taken full advantage of my local health department and its benefits."

#HonestConversations #HispanicHeritageMonth

Scarlett De Leon

Scarlett De Leon, Mother

Talking about childhood immunizations

“As a mother, it's important to vaccinate our kids to protect them from diseases, especially those that cannot be seen by the naked eye.”

#HonestConversations #HispanicHeritageMonth

Maria Pedroza

Maria Pedroza, Daughter, Mother, and Grandmother

Talking about immunizations

“Proud to be part of generations of vaccinated Hispanic women.”

#HonestConversations #HispanicHeritageMonth

54 Year Old Woman

54-Year-Old Woman

Talking about routine immunizations

“It's important to stay up-to-date with vaccines because growing up I didn't have access to vaccines like a lot of people in the United States do. When something is given, take full advantage.”

#HonestConversations #HispanicHeritageMonth

Anthony Torres

Anthony Torres, College Student Athlete

Talking about routine immunizations

“Happy and proud to be a vaccinated college student-athlete in the state of Kansas.”

#HonestConversations #HispanicHeritageMonth

Honest Conversations Campaign

Neira Calderon

Neira Calderon, 16 years old

Talking about the HPV Vaccine

“My name is Neira Calderon and I recently received the HPV vaccine. One of my priorities in life has been my health, as I'm active in sports and I truly believe that taking care of yourself will definitely help take care of others. Having the vaccine is an important step to moving up and having a long and healthy life. I strongly recommend you start having a successful and healthy future by vaccinating with the HPV vaccine.”


Anne Zajic

Anne Zajic, Cervical Cancer Survivor

Talking about HPV-related cancer awareness

"My name is Anne and I am a six-year cervical cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in August 2016, only months after my twins were born and just before my oldest daughter turned three years old. I was staged 1B2, and my cancer treatment consisted of chemotherapy (Cisplatin), external radiation therapy, and brachytherapy (internal radiation.) My diagnosis forced me to confront my mortality, and my biggest fear was dying from the cancer and not raising and loving my children. I was relieved when the treatment was successful and I was declared cancer free in November 2016.

When I was diagnosed, I was shocked, afraid, and angry. I had two infants and a toddler to care for, a husband who traveled frequently, and a full-time job. I didn't have time for cancer. I'm not very religious, but I found myself praying to get through the illness so that I could be there for my children. I was terrified that I wouldn't be a part of their lives! I reacted well to the treatment, and the tumor shrank. By November 2016 I'd completed treatment, and a follow up PET scan in February 2017 indicated no evidence of disease. I didn't realize the toll the trauma that the cancer had taken on me mentally. I was facing a new normal. Anxiety and depression sank in. Antidepressants have helped me tremendously, but I still struggle. I still fear not being alive for my children. My kids are why I work to advocate for cervical cancer awareness and HPV-related cancer awareness.

Cervical cancer can feel taboo and stigmatizing because most cases of the disease are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Shame and stigma can prevent patients from discussing their diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship; I felt much of this during and after treatment.

I was searching for other women who had or were going through this disease but did not discover any local support groups that I could join. I went online seeking support, and found it in an organization called Cervivor, Inc. Not only did I find many women sharing their experiences that were so similar to mine, but I also discovered the support I needed emotionally and I learned so much about the disease. Did you know that cervical cancer can be prevented with the HPV vaccine? This vaccine is essential in the effort to eradicate cervical cancer worldwide!

Cervivor, originally known as Tamika & Friends, was created by cervical cancer survivor Tamika Felder, in 2005. Tamika knew there were others like herself who needed to share their stories and that their stories needed to be heard. Tamika continues to grow this organization, which advocates to end cervical cancer and supports people diagnosed with this life-altering disease. Cervivor is now a global community, each with their own stories of cervical cancer survivorship."


Anonymous User

64-year-old Male

Talking about the Mpox Vaccine

"I received my Mpox vaccination in October. The only side effect was slight itching and redness at the site of the injection, but this was mild and lasted about 24 hours.

I feel safer because of getting the vaccination. I would encourage all to get this and be safe in our world."


Ismail Ashna

Ismail A., 10-year-old from Afghanistan

Talking about school vaccinations

“Hello, my name is Ismail and I'm from Afghanistan. I had never been vaccinated until I came to America and wanted to go to school. Back in my country, we do not have vaccines. I was a little scared first, but then I was happy."

Ismail received his very first shots during open-enrollment for the USD 457 school district. A Community Health worker who is polylingual assisted the family with translation and explained the immunization administration process to the family and child.

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